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You Can Make a Difference Thumbnail

You Can Make a Difference

We all know someone we would like to help, someone with a disability.  Sometimes it’s hard to know the best way to do this but what’s better than helping them build for the future?


Ask them if they have an RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan) set up.  If not, connect them with us and we will help them do that.  There is a remarkably small portion of the eligible population who have actually have one. 


Here’s why it’s great.  In 2016 we posted a blog about a client who opened an RDSP for his son at the end of 2015.   He (and others) have contributed $7000 since then.  The government has magnified his contributions with grant funds in the amount of $19,000!  With growth, the account is now valued at over $27,000.  Talk about bang for your buck!


You could make a real difference just helping them set up the RDSP.  Our goal is to ensure that more of the population can benefit from this generous plan.