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Our Team Plan and Conference Call for Clients, Friends, and Family Thumbnail

Our Team Plan and Conference Call for Clients, Friends, and Family

We are sharing our plan for the near term.  These are trying times and the more we can reach out to one another with help and comfort, the better off we will all be.


We take this pandemic seriously, but we are not panicking.  We are working from home as much as possible, washing our hands a lot and even taking our temperatures daily.  We take comfort from the thousands of health care specialists working to solve this pandemic 24/7 and we have faith that they will find a solution.  


From a work perspective, we continue to work full time for you.  We are reminding ourselves that this pandemic is temporary and that there will an end to it.  As always when we view your portfolio and investments, it is with the future in mind.  You may have a time frame of a few years for your goal or it may be 40+ years, but all of you have a longer time frame than this pandemic will last. 


We are very happy to have just booked a conference call for you with Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist with Manulife Investment Management.  He is familiar face for those who watch BNN at all; he has very good perspective and guidance; his delivery is very understandable and interesting.   This call is open to clients, friends and family – feel free to forward. 


                Date/time:                         4 – 5 pm EST April 2nd   (1 – 2pm PST )

                Toll Free Number:           1-866-518-0783

                Local:                                    416-406-3406

                Conference Call ID:         9165209



From a personal perspective we are focusing on reducing anxiety:  

  • We are limiting our social media/conversations about the pandemic – much of it is speculative and is not conducive to mental health.


This is a time to lean into small victories/positives around you: 

  • Springtime (sorry to those with allergies)
  • The phone and video calls from those who love and care about you. 
  • Anything that gives you joy.  (Feel free to share those, we could use more joy too!)

It is a time to practice gratitude: when you get up or go to bed, reflect on things for which you are grateful.  Maybe make a habit of writing down 3 things/day.


Be aware of the variables you can control.  You can control how you spend your time (albeit at home).  You can stay in touch with those around you that you care about.  

Every day is a step closer to the end of this pandemic and the economic volatility it has created.  

We continue to be here for you and are happy to talk about your portfolio, or anything else that is on your mind these days.  If you have friends or family who are stressed about their investments or retirement plans, we will make time talk to them as well.