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Impatience is Wasting Our Money

The pace of the world is getting faster and faster – we’re all trying to keep up.  I catch myself spending money to save time – buying lunch at work instead of making one in the morning (not my sharpest time of the day).   This tendency adds up quickly: every time we pay for transportation instead of walking/biking, to even bigger mistakes like not taking the time to shop around the best mortgage rate. 


Sometimes, a key to saving money is to slow down.  If we become a bit more patient and fight the immediacy need, we can save a lot of money (and likely improve quality of life as well).


More ways to slow down:


  • Wash your own car. Savings:$30
  • Make your coffee at work. Savings: $2+/coffee
  • Bringing your lunch to work.Savings: $12
  • Buy your produce at farmer’s markets or green grocers.Savings: $10.(Plus your produce will be way better.)
  • Walk/bike to instead of transit/uber.Savings: $3-20
  • Clean your own place.Savings: $60-100
  • Slow cook!Have friends over for dinner instead of going out. Savings:$20/person
  • Avoid toll roads – take the long way home.Savings: $20
  • Call to have late fees reversed on bank/credit cards (It will work once!).Savings: $30
  • Use your in-network ATM’s instead of the closest one.Savings: $3
  • Plan your grocery list before you go shopping.Savings:total of what you don’t buy.
  • Compare prices before you buy, especially larger items!Savings: up to 30%
  • Set a waiting time before buying items, a cooling off period – eg. 48 hours before buying splurge items.


Let us know of other good slow habits!