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Healthy habits – playing your Trump Card Thumbnail

Healthy habits – playing your Trump Card

By Meghan Gould

The first few week of January are always filled with cautious optimism. There’s Dry January and fitness goals (pre-pandemic fueled by discounts to gyms and a plethora of healthy food meal plans). People commit to learn how to juggle or read 12 books or floss every day! Sadly by mid February the luster of a new year where failure hasn’t marred it’s surface has faded. You weren’t able to finish the 4th chapter of that supposed best seller. The floss thing lasted a week until that TV marathon you’d tried to resist on the weekend claimed you etc. 

When failure starts to bring you down and you consider giving up on your new year’s resolution, we offer a Trump card. 

According to the fact Checker database former President Trump made 26,548 false or misleading claims in his 1372 days in office (updated Oct 22,2020) 

What’s more, according to their charts the rate of untruths has increased the longer he’s been in office. Averaging out he’s hitting an amazing 19 misleading or false claims per day! 

What we can take away from this is simple. When you feel like your healthy habits aren’t forming as quickly as they should, nor your waistline shrinking as quickly, play your trump card. Do a little every day or every other day and try not to get down on yourself if you fall off the wagon occasionally. For most things the accumulation of what you do at the beginning and middle leads to a big pay off at the end. For your investments, don’t feel down if you didn’t invest a lot in 2020, 2021 is a new year. 

The easiest way to accomplish your short term financial goals is to automate them. The adage is still true, if you don’t see it you don’t spend it. Here are some simple examples. 

TFSA contribution for 2021 is $6,000. If you intend to contribute the maximum but would rather not contribute a lump sum, just add your TFSA as a payee from your online banking and dump in $500/month. 

Same thing for your RRSP. Best is to contribute lump sum for the current year not the previous year. If you would rather not do that then again, the 2021 RSP limit is $27,830 or $2,320/month. It beats paying it to the CRA. 

If paying down your mortgage is a priority then think about increasing your monthly mortgage payment to become debt free earlier. 

If those numbers seem too large play your trump card and start small. Five dollars saved is better than none. Do what you can when you can and you’ll be surprised by what you’ve done one presidential term later.

2021 is going to be great and January is as good a time as any for a fresh start. 

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash