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Deadline Season:  RRSP & Tax Slips Thumbnail

Deadline Season: RRSP & Tax Slips

The RRSP deadline of March 2nd is approaching rapidly.  The tax filing deadline is April 30th.  Here is the schedule of various slips that you might be expecting, depending on the accounts you hold. 

 RRSP Accounts

 Slips for contributions made in 2019 went out at the end of January.  Receipt slips for contributions made in 2020 are being mailed every 2 weeks.   

 If you withdrew from your RRSP last year, you will be receiving a T4RSP form.   The mailing deadline is February 28th.

 RIF Accounts

You will be expecting a T4RIF if you took income last year.  The mailing deadline for that is February 28th.

 Non-registered Accounts

 You may receive any or none of the slips below.

 T5:  If you received dividend income of +$150, you will receive this form, along with an Income Summary.  Mailing deadline: Feb 28th.  

 T5008:  This is the trading disposition recording taxable events.  Mailing Deadline Feb 28th.  

 T3: This is the slow one.  It reports income from a trust and comes directly from the company.  Mailing Deadline:  March 31st.  We are unable to push this one out any more quickly as it is not produced by us.  Sorry!

 Premier Fee Summaries:  These summarize the costs you have paid that you can deduct.  There is no official deadline but should be mailed shortly.  

 T1135:  Foreign Assets Verification Report shows foreign assets that you may need to do report.  There is no official deadline but will be mailed shortly.  


 Please keep in mind as all these slips are mailed by Canada Post allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery.


Again, keep in mind that your tax return is not due until April 30th and you have lots of time until then.  If you are concerned that you have not received a slip that should have arrived, please let us know.