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A quick note during a turbulent market Thumbnail

A quick note during a turbulent market

We are currently in Georgian Bay where the sky is clear. However we are abundantly aware that there have been dark clouds over the global equity markets.

This is not a time for sudden or rash decisions. There are many numbers and many forecasts and as you know we watch them all. We have been trained to watch for warning signs, the key is to make the observations and adjust accordingly, not to ignore or dismiss them but to be proactive as best we can, with caution.

In fairness to the markets they have been very kind to us for ten years. Rational thinking has always told us that we could not possibly keep ALL of what we made as I always say a tree doesn’t grow to the sky.

Our intention as mentioned in this month’s newsletter has been and continues to be to gradually reduce participation in equities in favor of fixed income and structured notes.

In the same way that markets never go up in a straight line they tend not to go down in a straight line either.

What these markets and headlines take is courage and you can take comfort in knowing that you have two sets of watchful and experienced eyes working on your behalf.

Things will unfold in the way they unfold, there will be dips and there will be rallies. We can view these as early warning signs of a possible storm which has yet to come. Before it comes, and it will, we will do our utmost to be sure our clients our prepared.

Yours as always,

Scott & Zoe

P.S. if you want to talk we’re back on Monday and available for a chat

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash