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March Newsletter - The "R" word Thumbnail

March Newsletter - The "R" word

The “R” Word Recessions do not occur very often, which is a good thing. They are defined by two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. It hasn't happened for a long time. Canada has experienced a total...

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Where is Santa Claus? Thumbnail

Where is Santa Claus?

At time of writing the TSX is down about 7% year to date and the Dow and S&P are relatively flat. For most of the year the TSX lagging the US markets by about 7%. It was much more palatable a couple...

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The Bumpy Ride Thumbnail

The Bumpy Ride

With the recent Market Volatility we wanted to send out a quick note. While there are worries in the economy, the fundamentals are still strong. Unemployment in the US is now 3.7%, the lowest since ...

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Impatience is Wasting Our Money Thumbnail

Impatience is Wasting Our Money

The pace of the world is getting faster and faster – we’re all trying to keep up. I catch myself spending money to save time – buying lunch at work instead of making one in the morning (not my sharpest...

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