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From the start, we take the time to thoroughly understand your personal financial goals and objectives.

During this process we work with you to come to clear understanding of what level of risk is acceptable to you.

Your Choice – Your Style – Your Comfort Zone.

Finally, we will create the optimal mix of equity and fixed income investments specifically directed at achieving your goals with an acceptable level of risk.

To do so we offer the full spectrum of opportunities including individual stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Mutual Funds. These include the whole range of products from all providers. We are not restricted to only Manulife products.  


We also help you manage financial risk– the “What If’s”

What if:

  • You can’t earn an income for a period of time, or ever again?
  • You have money in your corporation that you want to access tax efficiently?
  • You have a cottage or chalet that you want to keep in the family?
  • Your family no longer has you to provide for them?

These are all real life risks that can impede your ability to attain your financial goals and objectives. We can help you not only to identify those risks but also offer solutions that will let you mitigate them and sleep at night

Review Process

When your accounts have been set up we conduct regularly scheduled reviews as well as impromptu communications as markets dictate. You will not be subject to a "set it and forget it" approach. Healthy balanced portfolios move in the direction of the markets and must be managed accordingly. You will be part of that process and feel well informed.

During regularly scheduled reviews we will:

  • Update you on markets and accounts - quarterly
  • Recommend appropriate changes - quarterly
  • Review your goals to see what has changed- annually
  • Rebalance asset mix - annually