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January Newsletter - Hello 2019!

Published by Scott Blair on Jan 14, 2019

First, The Bad News from 2018 There is no way to describe 2018 equity markets as anything other than very dissappointing.   What Happened and Why?   It was the weakest year since 2008. Markets were dragged...

When stock prices are falling, listen to Warren Buffett

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jan 02, 2019

As reported by Business Insider, stocks may be nearing a bear market, but now is not the time to panic:   At times like these, it's important to remember the oft-repeated advice of Warren Buffett: "Be...

December 2018 Newsletter - This too shall pass

Published by Scott Blair on Dec 20, 2018

  No doubt about it, 2018 has been a rough year on the equity markets.  It hasn’t been great for bonds either.  Here are the facts as of December 20, 2018.  These are all Year-to-Date figures.     Even...

Where is Santa Claus?

Published by Scott Blair on Nov 20, 2018

At time of writing the TSX is down about 7% year to date and the Dow and S&P are relatively flat.  For most of the year the TSX lagging the US markets by about 7%.  It was much more palatable a couple...

November Newsletter - Acknowledging the Anxiety

Published by Zoe Adrian on Nov 05, 2018

Markets have been very volatile this fall, sliding 6.9% in October.  We know it has caused you some anxiety.  One of the questions we all ask ourselves is:  should I react to this or stick with my long-term...