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October Newsletter - How much do you leave behind?

Published by Scott Blair on Oct 23, 2017

It’s hard to put a number on. Most parents with kids and grandkids and/or charities would like to leave something but the question is how much and what would this leave for them to live on?   Said differently... Continue reading

Time to Kick the "Home Bias"

Published by Scott Blair on Sep 26, 2017

Global Economies are Healthy – International Investing is Good Diversification   Time to kick the “Home Bias”   Global Manufacturing PMI Heat Map: The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is an indicator ... Continue reading

U.S. Dollar is at its lowest level in 3 years

Published by Scott Blair on Sep 18, 2017

Very interesting article.   ... Continue reading

The Secret Economic Lives of Animals

Published by Scott Blair on Aug 01, 2017

This has nothing to do with investments or insurance, it's just a fun, interesting read. Enjoy ... Continue reading

Want to Make a Bet?

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jun 15, 2017

Here’s the scenario:  Would you take a coin toss bet where you win $200 on heads and lose $100 on tails?  If you could play it twice, would that make it more or less appealing?    Dr. Shlomo Benartzi ... Continue reading

June Newsletter - We All Know Someone Who Could Benefit From This

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jun 08, 2017

We all know someone with a disability.  You may have wondered how you could help.  Ask them if they have an RDSP, a Registered Disability Savings Plan.  It is meant to help the disabled with financial... Continue reading

Planning For Your Demise: Quick and Dirty

Published by Zoe Adrian on Feb 17, 2017

I get that estate planning is a boring topic and that you don’t want to think about your demise, but do me a favour and read this!  It’s important.   Here are a few tips courtesy of Jon Hreljac, AVP Regional... Continue reading

The world has changed - read down to the LOSE MONEY part

Published by Scott Blair on Jan 15, 2017

From the NY Times: "Gross says a 10-year bond yield at 2.6% is a bigger deal than the DOW at 20,000"   Further, "If the yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury moves above 2.60% a secular bear-bond... Continue reading

Real estate - Is now a good time?

Published by Scott Blair on Dec 06, 2016

We get this question alot. There are several answers depending on your need. If you are going to live in it, it's really not an investment, until you potentially retire and have to sell.   To buy a rental... Continue reading

Why You Should Wait Until You are 70 to Collect CPP Benefits – Or Should You

Published by Zoe Adrian on Oct 17, 2016

I read an interesting article in the Financial Post this weekend,  Why you should wait until you are 70 to collect CPP benefits.    A scenario was set out with someone who would not meet his retirement... Continue reading