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U.S. Dollar is at its lowest level in 3 years

Published by Scott Blair on Sep 18, 2017

Very interesting article.   ... Continue reading

August Newsletter: Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Published by Scott Blair & Zoe Adrian on Aug 16, 2017

In the last few years, we have become accustomed to solid positive equity returns.  Your return so far, this year may not be as much as you have seen previously, yet you hear that the US Equity markets... Continue reading

Watch Manulife Investments Chief Investment Strategist Philip Petursson on Various Topics

Published by Zoe Adrian on Aug 16, 2017

Here's are four good clips on various topics from Philip, one of the strategist's whose views we pay attention to.  He happens to be Manulife Investments Chief Investment Strategist and a very nice guy!... Continue reading

The Secret Economic Lives of Animals

Published by Scott Blair on Aug 01, 2017

This has nothing to do with investments or insurance, it's just a fun, interesting read. Enjoy ... Continue reading

July Newsletter - A Positive Outlook

Published by Scott Blair on Jul 12, 2017

The equity markets have indeed been on a long bull run. Almost ten years, which is truly unprecidented. Bull runs have three defined phases. 1. Denial, 2. Acceptance and 3. Euphoria. We are reluctantly... Continue reading

Want to Make a Bet?

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jun 15, 2017

Here’s the scenario:  Would you take a coin toss bet where you win $200 on heads and lose $100 on tails?  If you could play it twice, would that make it more or less appealing?    Dr. Shlomo Benartzi ... Continue reading

June Newsletter - We All Know Someone Who Could Benefit From This

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jun 08, 2017

We all know someone with a disability.  You may have wondered how you could help.  Ask them if they have an RDSP, a Registered Disability Savings Plan.  It is meant to help the disabled with financial... Continue reading

There are now more Indexes than Stocks in the U.S.

Published by Scott Blair on May 15, 2017

As Bloomberg reports, traditional ones such as the S&P 500 are collections of securities weighted by market value, and index funds and ETFs mimic them as a low-cost way to deliver the market’s performance.... Continue reading

April Newsletter - Only Eat the Green Smarties

Published by Scott Blair on Apr 24, 2017

Who doesn’t like smarties? One handful is as good as the next (i.e the taste of them all is highly correlated). What if they changed them so only the green and blue ones tasted good and the others tasted... Continue reading

AdvisOr vs AdvisEr

Published by Zoe Adrian on Apr 04, 2017

There have been several articles floating around recently about financial advisOrs vs financial advisErs.  Quite frankly I did not know there was a difference.  According to the articles, advisors are... Continue reading