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September Newsletter - Global Economy, Still good but not as good as it was

Published by Scott Blair on Sep 06, 2018

We are of the opinion that the current global economic conditions are likely to remain favourable over the coming six to twelve months. That being said, there is reason for caution. While recent investor...

Impatience is Wasting Our Money

Published by Zoe Adrian on Aug 29, 2018

The pace of the world is getting faster and faster – we’re all trying to keep up.  I catch myself spending money to save time – buying lunch at work instead of making one in the morning (not my sharpest...

Your Password Has Probably Been Stolen

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jul 16, 2018

Mine has (for my personal email).  So has everyone else’s here at the office.  How do we know?  You can check it out at a website:  Have I been Pwned.  Enter your email address there and you will be find...

You Can Make a Difference

Published by Zoe Adrian on Jul 10, 2018

We all know someone we would like to help, someone with a disability.  Sometimes it’s hard to know the best way to do this but what’s better than helping them build for the future?   Ask them if they ...

July Newsletter - Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst

Published by Scott Blair on Jun 29, 2018

It is now time. It would seem we are the brink of a global trade war spawned by a headstrong President in the United States. Said person runs on gut feel and not education, intellect or experience. Naturally...